The new Buick Encore is one of the best budget-friendly automobiles that money can buy. This small SUV just so happens to host sedan-like features. Drivers should get a good amount of fuel economy whether on the highway or in the city. Its four-cylinder engine is capable of producing 138 horsepower.

In the looks department, the new Buick Encore doesn't appear to have any known weaknesses. Its short body has grand aesthetics while only extending to an estimated 168.4 inches in length. You'll love the vehicle's athletic stance as it displays strong musculature. The SUV's headlamps are equipped with Daytime Running lights, and there are LED-accented taillights. Its 18-inch aluminum wheels only adds to the overall look. Auto consumers can select from a number of exterior paints. This includes summit white, ebony twilight, quicksilver metallic and white frost.



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