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Explore GMC Hummer EV AWD Ebike Models Near Leesburg

The GMC Hummer EV AWD Super Ebike is a revolutionary electric bike that combines power, performance, and versatility. With its twin 750 watt hub motors and a total power output of 1500 watts (peaking at 2400 watts), this ebike delivers impressive torque and acceleration. The GMC Hummer EV features three riding modes - Cruise, Traction, and Adrenaline - each with its own unique characteristics. Cruise mode is perfect for long distance rides, while Traction mode is ideal for navigating rough terrain and slippery surfaces. Adrenaline mode, on the other hand, is designed for off-road adventures, providing all-wheel drive dominance on the toughest terrain. 

The GMC Hummer EV is powered by a 48 volt 17.5Ah LG battery, which is upgradeable to 21 Ah for even longer rides. It also features 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power and heat dispersion, as well as a Shimano 8 speed drivetrain for smooth and efficient shifting. The ebike also comes with a color LCD control display, front suspension, and hybrid tires with molded-in puncture protection. 

In addition to its impressive power and performance, the GMC Hummer EV offers a range of between 40 and 50 miles between charges (in rear wheel drive), making it a great option for longer rides. It also has a maximum speed of 20 mph from the factory, which can be regulated by the end user to comply with local regulations. Overall, the GMC Hummer EV AWD Super Ebike is an all-wheel drive electric bike unlike any other, offering a unique combination of power, performance, and versatility. Whether you're tackling rough terrain, cruising through the city, or just out for a leisurely ride, the GMC Hummer EV has you covered.